Marilyn Homer

Ad.Dip CP  Dip Hyp (GHR Reg.)  Dip RTh (SRTA)  MBBRS

hypnotherapy dorsetMy background for almost 25 years prior to becoming a therapist was in Healthcare, specifically in Operating Department practice. I was based in London where I worked for the NHS later moving into the private sector. Initially, I qualified and worked as an Anaesthetic Theatre Technician and after several years I combined that role with teaching within the same environment.  As a Senior Technician/Clinical Tutor I trained and mentored students to perform to a very high standard of Operating Theatre and Anaestheic room practice. 

After relocating from London to North Dorset in 2006 I commenced my Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training. Once qualified, I continued with my studies to become a Regression Therapist and a BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) practitioner. This learning instigated an amazing journey of self-discovery, positive change and continuing development and enlightenment for me.

I have been aware of spirit energy since early childhood, but I do appreciate that for some, the concept of a spiritual existence beyond this human life may be difficult to comprehend.  Your knowledge of, or a belief in this energy; an after-life or re-incarnation is not a requirement for therapy or for the treatment to work effectively.  I am not here to question your understanding or to judge you in any way; I am a grounded person and a professional therapist. Not all of my work is spiritual or hypnotherapy based, I also work with a science-based therapy, specifically BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) which is an amazing effective rapid results therapy and I love working with that too!  Please visit for further information on BrainWorking Recursive Therapy.

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