Case study - Session One - Inner child healing with client Lauren

These detailed case studies have been presented for those interested in the techniques of regression therapy and it highlights how powerful and rapid the outcomes of this work can be.

Lauren, 21, came to see me as she was suffering from irrational angry outbursts directed at those whom she cared deeply about. This behaviour resulted in tears and feelings of guilt and anger directed at herself. Occasionally, these episodes would be followed by short bouts of depression. She felt in general, that this behaviour was triggered after contact with her father, but could not understand why she was unable to control it. She was generally fit and well apart from suffering for many years from a niggling pain under her ribcage, that was accompanied with shortness of breath each time she laid flat.  It affected her sleeping and although it had been medically investigated the cause remained undiagnosed (see session 2 below).

During the preliminary consultation, it was established that Lauren had suffered throughout her childhood and adolescence, from many years of verbal abuse from her father. She described him as a controlling, angry and selfish man. Her parents had divorced when she was a baby, her older brother grew up with their father and she had lived with her mother. She spent a great deal of her time with her aunt (father’s sister) and her husband, which created a jealous resentment in her father. The contact she still had with him usually left her feeling hurt, frustrated and angry because of his need to control.

I asked Lauren which issue she would like to work with first, the pain on lying flat or the anger issue; she felt that her anger issue should take priority. We discussed Inner Child Healing and Lauren was happy to go ahead. With this approach the client is regressed in stages until the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) is isolated, that is the event which has caused the presenting negative emotions. In Lauren’s case we needed to find that source to establish what had affected her enough to create the outcome of the irrational behaviour she frequently exhibited. Once the ISE has been established, the process of transformation and healing can begin.

Lauren lay on the couch and made herself comfortable, closed her eyes and the intention was set to find the source of her issues. I asked her to focus on reproducing her feelings of anger, then to allow herself to go right into those feelings, amplifying their intensity to the highest degree. When this point was reached I was able to 'bridge' her into a regressive state to a memory of a very unpleasant altercation with her father. This memory created in her feelings of sadness, frustration and anger; she felt these emotions were familiar to her, but what we were looking for was a shock reaction rather than a sense of familiarity. I regressed her further back in her life and she went to three very significant and disturbing events, but again she felt the accompanying emotions were still just familiar to her. We finally sourced the event which shocked her; she was nine months old. Her father was repeatedly screaming and swearing at her to shut up for making a noise with a rattle. His voice was so angry and threatening that she felt guilty for causing this reaction in him but she also felt that he could not possibly love her behaving as he was. It is interesting how the source event can at times be so trivial, and yet subsequent happenings compound those initial feelings resulting in major outcomes!

To heal the presenting issue, forgiveness of the person causing the shock (the perpetrator) needs to be achieved. For this to happen we take the client through a process of transformation. This is done by taking them back to the age they were when the ISE occurred; in Lauren’s case this was at nine months of age. I then communicated with her as a baby but also as an adult. To do this I used a tapping technique where I lightly tapped once on Lauren’s forehead and it took her back to being that nine month old; another tap and it brought her back to her adult self and this is how the three of us interacted. Firstly and most importantly, the adult Lauren met her baby self, and with the help of a cushion as a prop, hugged her and told her just how much she loved her and how lovable she really was. This was quite an emotional moment for Lauren as she had never experienced this from her father and infrequently from her mother. The transformation continued with adult Lauren choosing a selection of coloured balloons for her baby self. Each balloon was a different colour and each one was offered with an attribute or strength such as courage, good character, confidence, sense of humour etc. that would be needed to equip her for life. Each balloon was received and the strength and energy of its colour and quality breathed in by Lauren’s baby self. This process was finalized with of all the newly acquired positive attributes merged into Lauren’s psyche. The two Lauren’s holding hands then took themselves to a 'safe place' to meet with their father.

Using a technique of bringing in the higher mind of the perpetrator to facilitate conversation, interaction continued with both adult and baby Lauren saying the things that they had been unable to or were afraid to say before. Telepathic transfer was encouraged by me so that Lauren's father could feel the extent of her emotional pain and unhappiness.  As a result of this he explained what had created his behaviour (he was able to give her an insight into his own childhood at this point) and was also full of remorse, and also apologising for leaving her as a baby. She appeared unconvinced stating that she did not trust him and was feeling anger welling up inside.  To enable her to release her inner anger I used body therapy. This can be extremely beneficial to the healing outcome as it allows years of trapped energy to be released by the body. It can also help to give control back to the 'victim', if control has been taken from them by a 'perpetrator'.  I continued by holding a cushion infront of her, encouraging her to punch it to release her inner anger. She did this tentatively at first but with encouragement she discharged a full force of punches that allowed her to finally release all her suppressed negative energy. 

I decided to take Lauren a little deeper into what she was experiencing. I simply asked her if she sensed anyone near to her that perhaps wanted to communicate. She answered that she felt a presence of someone close but could not see anyone. She said that she was sensing an amazing feeling of love and peace in her heart. She then relayed to me that she was being encouraged to be stronger, to be the one taking control of her life and that anger was self-destructive. (A lovely experience for someone not used to communicating with a spirit guide!).

What followed was the integration process (a method using guided imagery techniques) whereby baby Lauren was shrunk down into the palm of adult Lauren's hand and gently placed over and into her heart to be surrounded by love and acceptance. I then guided her forward in her life to the five traumatic events she had described earlier in the session. She relayed each event to me describing how her ‘new self’ reacted calmly, in control but also with a certain sense of indifference. She appeared very pleased with her new behaviour. I then paced her to three different times beyond her current age to enable her to visualise how her future would be as the ‘new’ Lauren. We then created an anchor (a hypnotherapy technique which when used triggers positive energy and focus within the client) for her to practice and use whenever she felt need of it.

Before bringing her out of her light trance state I carried out a body scan. With my hands about 12” above her body, I travelled from her feet to her head and asked her to tell me if she experienced any different sensations. This often highlights anything else that may be an issue for the client. When I reached the area of her ribcage on her right side she winced in pain and said that was the similar to the pain she experienced when getting into bed each night. As we were almost out of time and I did not want to rush the process, I decided that we would have to arrange another session to deal with this issue.

Post session response from Lauren: “That was amazing, how could I remember that stuff when I was only a baby?” “Who was it that was talking to me; I felt so loved?” She felt light and relaxed.

I telephoned her one week after this session to see how she was progressing. She had not experienced any angry outbursts but had not yet seen or heard from her father. However, she reported feeling generally more calm and relaxed. We booked a second session to see if we could resolve her ribcage pain.

Please note: Physical symptoms need to be investigated by a doctor/s to rule out any underlying medical issues prior to regression work. In Lauren's case, she had been thoroughly investigated by several medical specialists but it was deduced that the pain she experienced did not have any medical root.

Session Two - Past Life Regression

We began with a review of the first session and Lauren reported that she had seen her father who had behaved in his normal manner. Without even thinking about it until later she realised that she had been unaffected by his attitude (for the very first time) and she had remained calm and in control with no later effects of misdirected angry behaviour. She felt she had made giant steps forward to becoming a changed person and so grateful for the work we had done so far.

Lauren made herself comfortable on the couch and closed her eyes. We set the intention to find the source of her rib pain and with her focusing on and amplifying the discomfort she normally experiences when laying down in bed, she regressed quite spontaneously into a past life. Sometimes a past life memory can be accessed in this way, at other times hypnosis is required.

This was what transpired: She was a female nurse, tall and plain with dark hair in her late 30s. She was wearing red shoes (which made her smile); she was an American working in another country. She was in a building with friends when there was a sound of many aircraft overhead. They all ran outside to see what was happening; quite suddenly one airplane broke from the others and headed straight for them opening fire. They all turned to run back for cover of the building but before she reached safety she had a terrible pain in her chest, fell to the ground and was struggling to breathe. Her friends picked her up and carried her inside and laid her down flat whilst trying to stem the bleeding, but this position caused her more pain and acute shortness of breath. She was very cold (she started to shiver on the couch although she was covered with a blanket) and in so much pain (she was now holding her right side and massaging the area around her ribcage). She understood that she had been shot and her breathing was extremely poor, she realised she would not survive. At this point she felt very sad that she would not see her mother and sister again as the three of them were so close (her father had died when she was a baby). Medical help was too late to save her.

There are several processes to work through in a past life regression to achieve healing of the presenting issues.

Death point process: I guided Lauren back to the point just before her death to establish her final thoughts, feelings and physical pain. The most relevant thing Lauren disclosed was the physical pain of the bullet under her ribcage. The next step was to guide her into the spirit realms after her death, for healing, which I did. She told me that she was feeling a pleasant warmth seeping through her body (she stopped shivering at this point) and she was aware of a bright light and a deep love surrounding her. When she felt sufficiently re-energised I guided her back to look at her body which she described as laying there whilst she floated above it. I asked her if she was happy to leave it but she was reluctant to do this. I enquired what it was that was keeping her there and also what was needed for her leave it and move on.  She was quite categoric: she had to remove the bullet and heal the hole. Improvising with a pen which I held just above her ribcage, I told her that she could pull the bullet out herself. Grasping the other end of the pen she pulled hard until she felt it was released from her body. I encouraged her to heal the hole herself by using her own hands and bringing in the deep feelings of love from the source of the light energy. She did this and when satisfied that it was complete she was able to leave her body and take all energy with her.

The transformation process: Lauren met with her loved ones from that life. She met with her mother and sister, mutual hugging took place (with a cushion used as a prop) and closure was obtained from all parties.

Meeting with the perpetrator is the next step: the spirit (higher mind) of the pilot was brought forward and she told him exactly what she had felt about him cutting her life short. With encouragement from me she telepathically transferred her emotional feelings of loss and pain into him until he said that he was truly sorry and asked for forgiveness. He was young, naive and following orders. It had been the onset of war.  Most importantly, he showed genuine remorse which facilitated Lauren's easy forgiveness. 

The reframing process: this is a technique which helps the client to create an image of a different outcome of that past life which is then absorbed into the subconscious mind, helping the healing process. The client is regressed back in time to establish the chain of events which has lead them to arrive at their death point. In Lauren’s case, she only went back as far as hearing the aircraft noise. She decided to remain safely in the building, which changed her life outcome as she visualised herself surviving the war unharmed and pain free.

Meeting with a spirit guide to discuss what the purpose of that life had been and to listen to any offered guidance is another stage of the therapy. Had the set lessons for that life been achieved and what learning had taken place? In Lauren’s case, the basics had apparently been that she had agreed to experience a relatively short term but happy family life with a quick passing. What had she learnt? To enjoy life to the full not knowing how long she may have chosen to be here for. She was feeling particularly pleased with how strongly she had felt the presence of her spirit guide; it left her with a deep feeling of contentment, inner strength and peace.

Before bringing Lauren out of her trance state I asked her if she could link any of what she had just experienced with her current life. It is important for the client to make that link and to do so by themself. She obviously connected being shot and with the bullet lodged under her ribcage, to her physical presenting pain. When her friends had laid her flat after being wounded, her pain and breathing had worsened, similar symptoms to what she suffered each night after getting into bed and laying down.

Finally, she accepted that this had been a past life memory with previously linked issues having no further place in her current life. I then counted to five and she opened her eyes.

Post session feedback: Lauren was amazed with her experience and the obvious link to her pain. What surprised her was the memory of her mother and sister in that life because they seemed so real to her, she actually had felt their love and this truly impacted on her. I suggested that this may be because she was lacking close parental and sibling bonding and relationships in this life. I further suggested that maybe because she had experienced a close family in that life, it could possibly be why it was lacking in her current life, simply for her to compare the two experiences. Comparisons like this appear to be quite typical of the lessons we undergo on our soul journeys.

I contacted Lauren one week later with a follow up telephone call to be told that she has had no further ribcage pain or breathlessness when laying flat and was now enjoying quality sleep each night!

I am delighted to say, and so is Lauren, that now, more than seven years after these two sessions she remains asymptomatic of ribcage pain and continues to be free of her previous irrational angry behaviour. 

I would also like to thank Lauren for allowing details of her personal life and the work we did together to be used as a case study for this website.

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