Inner Child Healing 

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Birth trauma and/or any type of abuse at a young age such as: neglect, bullying, cruelty or abandonment can create in the adult quite disturbing negative self-beliefs, emotions and behaviour. Using regression techniques you are guided back in your current life to the source of the problem. This may have been in childhood; at the time of your birth or even to your time in the womb.

Usually, guided imagery is used to relax and focus you, to enable regression to occur. This allows you to be guided to various relevant stages in your earlier life that have been chosen by you, until the Initial Sensitizing Event causing your presenting issue is isolated. After an integration process whereby newly acquired strengths and empowering qualities are merged into your psyche, you are then guided to meet with those who were responsible for causing your early trauma to enable transformation, forgiveness and healing to take place.  

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to take the inner-child process to a much deeper level and for you to experience the power of spiritual healing and feelings of unconditional love. This can trigger deep emotions of inner peace and calm. The insight and enlightenment gained from this modality may perhaps enable you to no longer see yourself as a victim but as a soul taking on the challenges in this life which you chose prior to your birth.

(For your interest, click on the Case-Study tab; Session 1 is an Inner Child Healing session explained in detail).
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“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

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