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Intrusive Energy Release

The purpose of this type of therapy is to release lost or earthbound souls and/or negative 
thought forms that attach themselves to our aura (energy field) creating negative side 
effects within us.  The symptoms vary enormously but examples are:  irrational behaviour, 
aches and pains, confusion, fatigue, headaches, nausea, fear, nightmares etc.
The treatment involves you lying on a comfortable couch whilst I get you to spontaneously 
respond to a series of questions; your responses guide the process.  It is a very safe and 
simple procedure and you will generally feel much better soon afterwards.
During the treatment we aim to find the root cause of why the energy was attracted to you 
in the first place. This is generally a deeply buried unresolved issue which creates a negative
emotion referred to as a ‘hook’ and we will work at removing the ‘hook’.  I will also teach you techniques enabling you to understand and protect your own energy system and prevent further attachments in the future.  I will also suggest healing techniques to assist you to re-build your positive energy helping to bring harmony and balance back into your body and psyche.
One session is normally sufficient however, occasionally further sessions may be required, 
especially if the emotional hook is so deeply buried that it needs further investigation and 

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