Between Lives Spiritual Regression 

Between Lives Spiritual Regression is for those who are already spiritually aware and wish to undertand more about their 'soul journey'.  It is a technique that was originally pioneered by Dr Michael Newton and is a method of deep hypnotic regression that allows an individual to access a state of consciousness where they can recall their life as a soul in the ‘between life state'.

Please note: a Past Life Regression session is an essential requirement before a Between Lives Regression. This is to ensure all current blocks are cleared, so allowing yourself to be hypnotised to a deeper level, enabling the 'between lives'  experience to occur.  This should be carried out as close as possible to the booked Between Lives Regression date, ideally within two days.

What clients can gain from the Between Lives Regression experience:

• Feeling what it is like to return ‘Home’.
• Meeting spirit guides.
• Meeting with others from ones’ own soul group.
• Gaining insight into life lessons and life purpose.
• Review of last past life.
• Review the choices given and the 'soul contract' for the current incarnation.
• Have your own pre-prepared questions answered by the ‘Elders’.

This can be an enlightening, empowering, profound and sometimes amusing experience which may bring clarity to your purpose in this life. Furthermore, it will bring with it the knowledge that there is no death, but just the shedding of this human body with its dense physical energy, that then allows our consciousness with all of its memories, to travel back ‘Home’. With this transition we become spirit once again ready to continue our soul journey.  

The learnings and experiences are the focus rather than the therapy itself.

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You are not a Human Being looking for your Spirituality, but a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.

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