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"If you change your mind,
you can change your life."

William James

Parts Therapy 

Parts Therapy is a versatile hypnotherapy tool. How many times have you heard yourself say “part of me wants to do this but part of me doesn’t?" Life is filled with decisions and quandaries that create inner turmoil, confusion and conflict. PartsTherapy could be the tool of choice to help you!

Our personalities are comprised of a multitude of facets or parts. Some of these parts are positive, healthy and balanced and help us to adapt to life’s stresses and 'ups and downs' in useful and beneficial ways. Whilst other parts may create self-sabotaging behaviour or other negative attitudes or feelings. For example, the dieter who feels that a part of them wants to work hard at losing weight whilst another part of them has the urge to eat just one more biscuit. Or the part of you that feels angry in a certain situation when another part of you would just like to come to terms with that situation.

Parts Therapy is conducted using a very light level of hypnosis to enable dialogue and mediation to take place with the relevant parts of your mind.  This can bring a harmonious resolution to the inner conflict which has created discord in your life.

This is a simple but effective process for rapid resolution.

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