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"If you change your mind,
you can change your life."

William James

Parts Therapy 

Parts Therapy is also known as Ego States Therapy and is a versatile hypnotherapy tool. How many times have you heard yourself say “part of me wants to do this but another part of me doesn’t”? Life is filled with decisions and quandaries that create inner turmoil, confusion and conflict. PartsTherapy could be the tool of choice to help you!

Our personalities are comprised of a multitude of aspects and facets. Some of these aspects or parts are healthy and balanced and adapted to life’s stresses in useful and socially accepted ways. Other parts may create energetic blocks creating self-sabotaging behaviour, anger, panic, chronic illness etc. which have been or are being affected by unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and feelings. Everyone has conflicting sub-personalities and these parts with their own viewpoints can create turmoil and negative behaviour. For example, the dieter who gets the urge to eat sweet things.

In the session whilst you are in an induced light trance state, I will communicate and mediate between the part of your mind that wants to be successful and the parts that are in conflict. My job is to facilitate your own inner dialogue so that the different parts can work together and merge in harmony enabling a resolution for the inner conflict.

This is a simple but effective process for rapid resolution.

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